Marianne Obong-Oshotse is the Co-author and Editor of The Legend of the Goose Girl.

She got involved with the project when the author, also a long-time friend, asked for her opinion on the raw manuscript many summers ago. Marianne was immediately captivated by the title to begin with and the rest is history.

Outside of her engagement with The Legend of the Goose Girl, Marianne is very passionate about law and becoming a solicitor in the very near future, having obtained an LLM from Kings College London. She is also passionate about nutrition and has been from a very young age, especially in helping people find healthy perceptions of themselves; a passion she shares and inherited from her maternal great grandfather, who was what you would have called the ‘village doctor’. Marianne has equally always tried to be active in her community and beyond having volunteered for several charity organisations over the last fourteen years and hopes to help people get better from their illnesses through nutrition in the future with her substantial knowledge in the field by providing practical advise and help as needed.

Moreover, Marianne loves good food and cooking; interior decoration, and is very fashion conscious. She walks to keep fit and loves discovering music from times gone by. Marianne also enjoys spending time with her friends and family and dotes on her siblings but especially on her thirteen year old brother, her three year old niece and very recently, her two day old nephew. Marianne can be reached at:

Marianne Obong-Oshotse
Co-Author & Editor