Nathalie Madron

I studied Fine Art Printmaking at Anglia Ruskin University and while there took a number of modules in Photography with an extraordinary and inspiring tutor. It was here, with much encouragement from my tutor, that I discovered and developed the art of story telling through imagery. At around the same time, through work, I met the author Rupert and we became firm friends and so began the start of The Legend of the Goose Girl.

I am an incredibly creative human being, sticking my fingers in almost every creative pie going and conveying stories in different ways has always been of importance, sometimes without even knowing. I use drawing, painting, photography, textiles and stitch to create work, that has meaning and hopefully strikes a chord with others.

It has taken me a number of years to understand that being creative is very much innate, I have battled against it, tried to ignore it, only to realise that happiness lies in pursuing what is so deeply ingrained.

When not attempting to make something beautiful, I like to spend my time spreading love and kindness, raising fierce children whom hopefully do the same and trying hard to simply make everyday wonderful.