Rupert Procter was educated at Ampleforth college and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre school. He graduated from Bristol in 1995.

It was at Bristol that Rupert encountered Rudi Shelly, who was head of acting. Rudi was a deservedly renowned and great teacher of actors. Previous students included Peter O’Toole, Daniel Day Lewis, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Miranda Richardson, Julia Ford and Pete Postlethwaite, to name but a few.

Rudi was a much loved and very positive influence on his students in many ways. As well as being taught the finer points of acting, Rupert was encouraged to write short stories by Shelly, including his graduation piece ‘Ego sum’ in 1995. This short story successfully introduced Rupert to the acting industry, including his agent, Jane Epstein, at the Independent Talent Group, who helped Rupert establish his career as an actor and continues to represent him to this day. The overall experience ignited a passion for writing as well as acting.

It was Rudi Shelly who taught Rupert that the job of the actor is that of a story teller and that, in its purest form, it was simply one person telling a story to another person.

The ‘The Legend of the Goose Girl’ is another short story Rupert Procter has written since ‘Ego sum’. The story was inspired by Rupert’s daughter, Mia, who was appalled, aged 4, at her father participating in a pheasant shoot. Mia strongly disapproved of her father’s actions, which made her father decide he would give up the practice. Upon deciding to give up shooting, Rupert got back the childhood innocence he had lost in the process and in return Rupert gave Mia back her innocence in the form of ‘The Legend of the Goose Girl’.

Rupert intends to tour extensively with ‘The Legend of the Goose Girl’ starting this year.

Rupert Procter